Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal:

We provide state of the art root canal treatment for our patients. People generally need a Root Canal done if there is a deep cavity, repeated dental procedures that are disturbing to the nerve, if injury and or trauma has occured to the mouth, or if a deep crackline is present on the tooth. We make sure that the Root Canal provided is as calm and comfortable as can be. A Root Canal is the removal of a nerve and the canals are properly back filled with the proper materials. With proper care a Root Canal treated tooth can last a lifetime.

Build up:

Once a tooth has had a Root Canal done the tooth needs what is called a core build up, which is a sturdy filling material that is placed inside the tooth giving it a more solid foundation to help is last in the years to come.


Once a tooth has had a Root Canal treatment performed with a build up, the tooth needs a crown. When one's nerve of a tooth is removed this cuts off the tooth’s supply of needed nutrients, which can cause the tooth to become weak and brittle. A crown covers the tooth fully helping protect it from breaking.